My Personal Recommendations for Software Developers

1- Be good person
2- When You join a new developer team,
Some people can give you missing data, info, file(.env ..) etc..
at your first installations. Don’t care.
3- Before You write code, make some research.
But don’t consume so much time. Because You will never find best code.
4- Have at least six months of savings aside.
Even if it is a big or small company, there can always be layoffs.
Your savings save you from stress.
5- You will have imposter syndrome. It will not disapper, You will just handle it.
6- You will both get used to reading documents and learn the features and life cycle of a framework.
7- You are doing engineering work. You have to estimate how big data is, how it take to run, how I can scale up,
and You also should consider cost/time balance everytime.
8- You should understand how a project goes and what customer expactations would be, even if they cant explain it.
9- You have to get feedback from product owner and customer. This will make your job easier.
10- Customer’s expactations can change constantly. You should code in a way that you can change it easily.
11- Don’t behave like you own product. Do not establish an emotional bond with the product or code. Everything can change everytime.
12- Don’t act like you know everything If you would be a senior developer.
13- In the past, engineers were trained in a master-apprentice relationship.